Let's cuddle and make a Bundle

CamGirlDollhouse organizes group promotional video bundles every month. These bundles are then sold by every model who submits a video which then showcases you to many new actively supportive fans in the industry.


Fans love XXX content and they love it even more when they get more "bang" for their buck.

Most bundles consist of 25 models and bundles are sold for $25 to fans. This is simply a deal no fan could pass up. The best part is models only need to take a few steps to sign up and begin creating bundles with CGDH..

Step One

Fill out sign up sheet below.


Step Two

Join the private discord server and meet the models you will be working with. Once in there fill in all the channels that require information.


Step Three

Create themed video - Create 30 second preview of video - Grab Screenshots of Video and get them all in before due date


Step 4

Sell bundle to fans and enjoy the profit off all your hard work


This is truly a group activity and seems to be cam models favorite online CGDH activity! Scroll down and see what bundles are available for you to join!

Past Bundles