WTF is CamGirlDollhouse?

CamGirlDollhouse provides many different services for cam models so many that sometimes it can get a little confusing. Luckily #INFODoll is here to save the day and shed some light all the different aspects of camgirldollhouse and how you can get involved today.....

First lets talk about the coveted Spotlight events. These events are 100% free for models to attend. Models arrive at a stunning location greeted by CGDH staff and swag bags. Then spend 3-4 days creating epic content and taking part in photo shoots with industry professionals. These events take place all over the Continental U.S. and are hosted by cam dolls of events past. That's right the women who run these events are models who have attended CamGirlDollhouse events, and have become part of the CGDH staff. I know so cool!

Now our clubhouse events are much different than the spotlight event in many ways. First, they always co-enside with industry trade shows, conventions, award shows ect. CGDH hosts exactly what it sounds like a clubhouse styled event where models have a giant adult slumber party. Models may record content, live stream or just sit back and enjoy the fun around them. When models attend conventions for the first time t can be rather nerve racking to go it alone, that's where camgirldollhouse comes in by providing luxury transportation to and from the convention each day with a group of epic dolls to hold your hand and show you the ropes. 'really though.. the ropes in the exxxotica sex dungeon is a lot of fun. Currently CamGirlDollhouse does not plan on having a booth at conventions for a little while longer, so models once inside will be guided to there stream/clip booths and all set up with friends close by to make you experience epic.

A Content event is a whole other ball game. These events are for models who are ready to work and make top quality content. These events also provide luxury accommodations and industry professionals to shoot said content. CGDH goes all out for these events including providing models with make and hair help if needed and meals included in the price. Before creating time begins models are given information on how to protect there work learning about contracts and more. As I stated earlier CGDh goes all out for our denverdragondoll event a fire dancer showed up and gave the girls a hot show on the very first night of the event! Models who attend content events are focused and ready to workshop with other amazing models and learn from each other. That is what makes this event different and yet it combines both spotlight and clubhouse features. By the end of a content event you truly have made new friends and you take home so much information and memories that will last a lifetime.

Knowing that not all models can attend these types of events for what ever reasons CGDH also has fun online activities for models to come together and yet again work with and learn from other models. We are stronger together that is a fact. Each year CGDH brings together models to create epic video bundles to sell to there fans. Models earn every dime they make and all they have to do is contribute one new video to a bundle. Fans love these things it is a great way for them to meet your new friends too!

We also have a special snapchat account that models can take over for 24 hrs!! Unlike most snapchat takeover accounts cgdh has a vip and a basic story. VIP's are CGDH fans that have paid to be on the premium which helps models navigate through all the " I am just watching not tipping viewers' If models have any issues at all during their takeover there is always a cgdh staff member a few clicks away to help.

Signing up for these activities is also very easy. All you need to do it go to the DollSignUp page and submit your information. If your interested in a content event use the application page. CGDH will respond within 24hrs normally a lot sooner. Please do note that our content and clubhouse events fill up fast so if there is no spots left open models will be added to a waiting list. CGDH events online and offline are open to all models.

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