The CamBased Philosophy

CamBased is the result of studying the adult industry and realizing how unfair and predatory industry is towards models specifically. The industry is a multi-billion dollar industry fueled by performances of models watched by viewers across the world. The adult industry is built on businesses taking advantage of models time and efforts by many ways including:

  • Paying them as little as 35% commission on monies earned (average is 35% — 50%)

  • Outdated and lack of technology solutions

  • No support or education services

  • Lack of tools to protect models from piracy, predators and malicious actors

CamBased is built to solve these problems, put models first and empower their success.

CamBased caters towards webcam models and webcam studios providing them innovative tools and revenue streams at the highest profit-sharing percentage in the adult industry, truly putting the models first, enabling their success and accomplishments without taking advantage of them by taking a large cut as many existing solutions do.

CamBased’s Dedication To The Community

We’re not just a platform; we’re a philosophy.

  • We want to provide models with the knowledge that can help them succeed, via articles and interviews with fellow cam models.

  • We want to give models a way to talk about issues facing the industry.

  • We want to give models a way to take control of their careers and maximize their profits.

  • We are dedicated to working with nonprofits that deal with issues like domestic violence, human trafficking, and healthy sexuality.

  • We believe that models should support one another and also encourage healthy boundaries with clients.

What CamBased Offers Models

  • Part of the reason why we are so adamant about bettering the camming community is because we understand how models work. Models are often the hardest-working people in the community, and yet, they often face the most problems.

  • Truthfully, a lot of the current norms in the industry aren’t sustainable. We are seeing models struggling to make minimum wage more than ever before. We are seeing models of all types feeling abused by clients. Moreover, we are noticing an increase in toxic viewer behavior.

  • Our belief is that technology can offer a way to curb these issues and create a community that is healthy and beneficial for every aspect of the camming world. That’s why we offer:

  • 70%+ Commission on all servers

  • Personal ‘CamBased Model Ambassadors’ (Mentors for registered models on CamBased)

  • Free personal website with your own web domain to sell physical and digital products, subscriptions, book live-shows and manage your modeling portfolio

  • DMCA takedown serves

  • Red-Flag support on problematic clients/viewers

  • Accounting tools, access to tutorials, educational materials and more

  • Graphic design and tech support

  • And more…

Join our discord, shoot us an email, chat with us and you will see that we are different, we are here to help! https://medium.com/@cambased/the-cambased-philosophy-471b429cce1e

The CamBased Community

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