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CamGirlDollHouse (CGDH) is known for keeping the #CamDolls satisfied with lavish all-inclusive content events all over the USA.

Those events consist of six to twelve models participating in seven days of content creation, photoshoots, group activities, special guests and more. These events cost models anywhere from $200 - $450 which helps fund these events. Then you must also factor in the price of std testing and travel to the location of event. While we do have a competitive price for these lavish events CGDH understands it is still a little high for the average model.

CamGirlDollHouse has always been about bringing models together to working in a safe professional environment and offers tools to help models build their brands this is why so many models are interested in becoming part of the trusted CGDH team. We are so happy to say our staff has grown, and we are now able to provide models with a 100% Free CGDH experience.

That’s right I said Free.

When you apply to shoot for CGDH Productions new site you will be provided with lodging, photoshoot and videos shot by our very own vetted professionals, sponsored swag and more. We feel very cam model should have the chance to have a professional photoshoot and now we want to make that happen! All CGDH models will also be featured on CamGirlDollhouse.com, interviewed for CGDHNews and receive professional photoshoot with one free print, the chance to work with other camdolls and well have the best day ever!

We are so excited to now be based all over the country however we are not yet in every state. We at this moment will be shooting in a few locations including Boston MA, Providence RI, Denver CO and South Carolina, Chicago IL.

If you are interested in becoming a #CamDoll and working with other amazing models in the industry email cgdollhouse@gmail.com with your social media links and location or use the sign up page https://www.camgirldollhouse.com/book-online. You will then be added to your closest locations secret platform to learn more and meet the other camdolls.


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