Ossiana from CamBased

We are so happy to finally get to sit down and talk to our favorite person on the CamBased Team Miss Ossiana. She is the CMO of CamBased, an online platform and community that offers content creators and cam models great payouts, an online marketplace, and new ways to promote themselves online.

Before we start talking about cambased lets talk about you! What did you do before you became part of the epic team at cambased?

Before I became part of CamBased, I was (and still sometimes am) a freelance writer who specialized in topics about relationships, sex, food, and nightlife. Before that, I worked in the startup world where I did most SEO writing for a long-form social media platform called Vocal. Prior to that, I mostly stuck to freelancing. Before that, I was a fetish model.

WOW you seemed to have alot going on in so many different areas of the workforce. What made you want to become part of the cambased team?

I always wanted to see a platform that really advocated for models, and acted as a platform made for models. You know what I mean? I wanted to see a platform that acts as a community and helps models make the most of their career


How did the idea of cambased.com happen?

CamBased’s tech concepts happened because we all saw that there were serious problems with the way that camming was done. Our company philosophy happened because we heard the struggles of models and wanted to help.

Talent already has so many platforms they can use to generate income what makes CamBased different from the rest? (features, payout ect )

There are tons of platforms, true, but not many platforms are as techy as ours. Our platform has amazingly high payouts, comes with analytics that helps models earn more without putting in as many hours, a warning system for problem clients, as well as an anonymized ecommerce platform that lets models sell physical merch and put together wish lists.

Most platforms out there have one thing they do really, really well. CamBased is different because we aren’t just a one-and-done deal; we’re literally working to be a base for just about everything camming-related, adult-related, and sex-related.

We at CGDH had so much fun this past AVN with cambased on our first CGDH CamBased collaboration, what did you think about your first adult conventions?

AVNs were definitely not my first adult convention, but it definitely was the largest I’ve ever been to! Every time I go to an adult convention, I’m overwhelmed by how much body positivity, love, and fun I feel. The vibes are always amazing and I always find myself clicking up with amazing human beings.

Do you think we will be seeing the cambased team around the adult conventions again and if so where and when?

Yes, absolutely! Right now, we are confirmed for YNOT’s Cammunity Hollywood. You might also get to see us at a couple more before that, but that’s our little secret.

If you could give one piece of advice to the adult industry besides joining your amazing platform what would it be?

Remember that YOU are the one who calls the shots, not your clients. If your clients aren’t treating you well or demand that you beg for money, fucking block them. No amount of money is worth feeling like shit.

Part of the reason I burned out as a model was because I tolerated a lot of crap from people. I respect models who are able to hang in there, because I know how rough it can be. If I could do it all over again, I’d have modeled part-time and just refused to do business with people who didn’t respect me.