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We have had the honor to sit down and talk with Bonni B Good a stunning webcam and clip model. Bonni has been in the cammunity for around four years now and has truly inspired so many in the industry with her class and grass. So sit back and get to know one of our favorite models in the community!

So we know you have been in the industry for 4 years, during that time you have done everything from creating xxx clips, streaming live, traveling the country ect... what would you say is your favorite part of working in this industry?

"My favorite part has got to be setting my own schedule. It allows me to stay so much healthier mentally and physically."

I couldn't agree with you more. Making your own schedule is one of my favorite parts of working in this industry as well! Now who is this sexy man who goes by Tripp you are always getting naughty with?

"That would be my husband of 6 years! We’ve been together 11 years and he has always been SO supportive of all my ventures. Whether it’s going back to school, traveling around the world, or starting a career in adult; he has always been a great partner to have by my side."

It is so wonderful to see a couple in the industry that truly works. It is inspiring to those who seem to think its impossible to have a healthy relationship while working in this business. So that being said working with your husband must still have pros and cons. What advice would you give other couples in the industry about working together and staying together 24.7?

"My advice is to make sure you have healthy boundaries set and to work with a sex positive therapist regularly. We are always striving to be better and working together challenges us… but also helps us grow as a couple. We make sure we get alone time and spend time apart enjoying different hobbies. We also make sure to spend time with friends and keep our social support structures strong! When we care for ourselves we show up better for each other."

That is not only brilliant advice for couples but really even for people who are single. I feel like self care and love is very important as well. You two got to travel to AVN in Las Vegas this year, what was your favorite part besides having an amazing partner by your side.

"My favorite part of the expo was getting to spend time with so many of the CEO’s/COO’s of the companies I have been working for. Getting to network like that is uncommon in other industries and was a real treat."

Any tips for traveling to expos?

"Stay within walking distance if possible. Always prioritize networking or participating in events over partying. Deduct it on your taxes as a work tip and treat it like one! Take airborne, and if you REALLY wanna rock out like us and feel great everyday skip the booze and stick to hydrating coconut water and other yummy n/a drinks. Talk to everyone, take pictures with everyone! Have fun and take time to rest if you need it <3

Self-care is key to a happy life they say. Do you agree with this and what kind of self-care things do you do to make sure you stay happy and healthy? I meditate, volunteer, grab a meal with friends, or go for long walks when I need self care on the daily...but I also make sure I take time and travel out of the country a few times a year to recharge and reset."

Great advice! You have collaborated with CamGirlDollhouse on many video bundles, what would you say is the reason you keep come back to collaborate?

"I seriously LOVE the concept. We are stronger together and I want to collaborate with as many beautiful women as I possibly can. Everyone has been so sweet in the industry and I think bundles are a great way to sell clips while making diverse art accessible to customers and supporting and promoting other models!"

We love working with your both, you are professional and always so sweet. Is there any other upcoming projects CGDH is hosting that you will be joining this year?

" I’m really not sure yet… but I heard a rumour there are going to be some fun shenanagins going on at Cammunity this year..."

You are correct!! CamGirlDollhouse is not only sponsoring the Cammunity Event this year but will have as you say shenanigans for you! hahah!

You and trip embody what pure love is and we are so lucky that you two decided to turn on a camera and share your journey with the world. Can you tell everyone reading where they can find your content and all things Bonni and Trip?

Thank you so much! You can find our content here ........

Twitter: Bonni_B_Good

Skype Shows: Pvt.fun/bonnibgood

Free and low cost sexy yoga clips: https://www.pornhub.com/model/bonnibgood

Live Group Shows: Chaturbate.com/Bonni_B_Good




What an wonderful human Miss Bonni B Good is! Make sure you follow her on twitter and check out all her naughty adventures! She is clearly a positive and uplifting model who can only add joy to your life. Bonni B Good is 100% CGDH Approved!