Welcome to Twitter! Add a header and photo to profile to make yourself stand out. But remember: No XXX in photos. This means classy  nudes not showing bottom or breast. Now that you have that settled, it is time to meet and make new fans. There is a abundance of fun to be had here on Twitter just waiting for you..

While Twitter is an epic way to meet fans and models, it can also be a place where you meet people who want to take advantage of you. People who will use your good nature or "new model" status to their advantage.

What do I mean by this? How can someone take advantage of you with out you even knowing?  Here are a few ways it has been and can be done.

  • One is stealing your free to public posted images. For either personal free wacking material or to steal your face and claim as their own.  This happens far too often you will find your beautiful photos on an account that you have no relation to. And then you must fight the Twitter staff and prove it is you by sending photo ID and more info. It is a giant headache but it can happen.

  • Second are these "promoters" with 10000000000 followers (all models and freeloaders) and here is my issue. You follow a cam model promoter in hopes to get your face out there and make new fans. Which makes sense if it worked that way. But more often than not it is a promo page with 1000's of Model followers. So in fact when you think you are getting your face out there you are actually just saying hello to 10000's of models not "new fans". So are these promoters needed? The answer is simply NO. No Promoters are needed to sell your product . Sex sells itself. Being retweeted to the masses of other models is not going to help your income.

  • My third tid bit about twitter also has to do with promoters. However this time it's more on a personal level. A lot of these Promoters want to get free stuff for simply pressing RT on your already amazing tweet. I have learned from personal experience that this is true from 2 Majorly followed promoters who seem to think once they rt a model she somehow owes them her hard work for FREE. YOU DO NOT NEED PROMOTERS > SEX SELLS ITSELF remember that! However Cam Model promoters Need cam models to promote and Need to know their place is, and respect ours.

As a cam model we have learned our bodies sell and we do not give things away for free like the everyday girl next door. We work hard and learn the arts of seduction and erotica. 

So when someone asks you for something for free. Remember how much work it took you to make that video or photoset etc. Remember all of your fans who willingly paid full price for the content. Those who respect and love your work.

You DO NOT NEED to give anything away for free ever. It will not gain you new fans just more freeloaders trying to jack off to w/e they can for free.

All this negativity. I know it sucks and here you thought this was a Twitter fun fact article.  But they are serious issues that effect 1000's of models and new models everyday more so because they do not know any better. 

On the good side of it, Twitter is a place you can meet tons of models and gain new friends. Just always be aware that not all models or people have your best interest in mind. You can bust your ass helping a model who wouldn't do same for you. Or you can make a long lasting friendship, so be careful.

Twitter is a great outlet just do not let it ruin your cam expereince and realize you are not your follower count and you are more than a RT. You are a hard working bussiness woman and you deserve respect for your work.

Never let anyone tell you different.

<3 Ladybellakush


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