Nicky Doe NYC's Finest

Picture it working as a bartender in the big city slinging drinks Nicky starts talking with someone who mentions cam sites. leaving Nicky thinking “live interactive porn? This isn’t a thing.” So, she checked it out and guess what…it’s absolutely a thing she found out. Her first day browsing Chaturbate, she came across a room and fell in love with a model instantly. INSTANTLY. she was just starting to figure out that grey female names are often not who they claim they are, so I clearly needed to get some tokens. She NEEDED this boy’s attention. Being in the middle of the move, she didn't have disposable income to throw down to tip this boy to spank himself. So, she got some whiskey courage in her and turned on her webcam. This is when NYCGIRL811 was born. Fast forward to today, that model is her best friend and nycgirl811 has evolved into Nicky Doe.

Literately the best how I became a cam model story ever! HAHA I love it!!! Now you have only been in the adult industry for a short time and yet you have come so far. The last to years you where nominated for a few awards, can you tell us what the awards where and what it

was like to be nominated?

My tag line is “half assed cam whore.” So as you can imagine, when I was nominated the first time I was shocked. Totally and utterly shocked. My first nomination was last year for “funniest model” at the Ynot cam awards. This experience was absolutely invaluable for me. Up until that point, I had really only traveled with and for Chaturbate events. Sticking with the models that I knew. Flying to Hollywood for Cammunity and the Ynot awards was terrifying. It was almost like going to my first event all over again. Lacey Bender was the only familiar face for me there, so I was forced to branch out of my Chaturbate security blanket. The friends that I made at this event and prior to via our twitter group chat are such a huge part of my cam life now. I think that is truly the best thing to come out of my Ynot nomination.

Not much later prenoms opened up for the AVN awards. As a joke, I encouraged my fans to nominate me the first day they opened. I never ran a campaign or retweeted that again. When they announced the nominations for “Favorite Cam Girl,” and I saw my name, I was speechless. I understand that it’s a much larger awards show and many more nominees in that category, but I didn’t care. I WAS AN AVN NOMINEE! Being in a category with some of the most amazing women in our community was so flattering. Definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

That is so exciting!!!! EEEk Okay so I have to know what does one do to be nominated the funniest cam model?

So, I don’t think I’m that funny. I’m a yankee asshole. However, in today’s world that’s considered funny. I troll the trolls that come into my room, often converting them into fans. As a mostly non nude model, I rely on my personality. Twenty years behind a bar has been super helpful with that. I never expected to win that award because there were other people in my category that were far more deserving of it. They put an effort into humor into their shows with props and cosplay. I just make fun of guys for jerking off in their mom’s basement.

Not buying that your not funny! LOL So what is the funniest thing ever to take place while on cam? There has to be at least one story.

Um…what isn’t the funniest thing ever to take place when I’m on cam? haha One of my favorite things about Chaturbate is the ability to use bots. I should preface this with a background on one of my mods. Licker. People from my room know Licker well. Licker likes beer. Licker is fun to mess with. One day I turned on a bot that converts everyone’s typing into pirate speak. Now, as I said before, Licker likes beer. This means that his typing isn’t always on point. So what ended up happening was while the bot was changing everyone’s text, it didn’t recognize or change Licker’s. He was losing his mind thinking that my room was hacked by the Russians. Because I would clearly be a target for that since I’m so bigtime.

Another really fun memory was during one of my cammiversary shows. I was traveling cross country with some fellow models and Chaturbate mods. We did a group show at our hotel in Chicago. Playing pie face, motor boating and spanks. The highlight for me was when fellow models joined my room to take advantage of being able to spank the two mods that have dolled out the most abuse on them. I’m pretty sure Pufu and CTJohnny didn’t sit properly for the rest of the trip.

Generally though I just try to do little things for a laugh. For example, the feet people. We all have the grey feet people. I’ll happily show them my feet for free, but I’ll ruin it for them. I have drawn smiley faces on my soles to make it as un sexy as possible. Which is what you deserve when you annoyingly continue to ask for things with no intention to tip.

You’re not only a fun cam model but you have another project going on as well. Can You tell us

about The Wicked City Girls women?

I’m so unbelievably excited for this project to launch! This podcast has been an idea of mine for two years and watching it grow and come to life has been nothing short of amazing for me. I found the perfect “normie” person to have as a co-host. My goal is to give sex workers a platform to normalize their voices to the general public. We’re under political attack from both sides right now and I feel the voters need to hear from us directly. We aren’t all victims of trafficking or abuse. Sadly, some of us are. That doesn’t make them less valid as a person or incapable of making their own choices. Every week we will have a sex worker on as a guest and it will be released to all podcast platforms. We will have video of all of the episodes, as well as bonus videos, available through Patreon. If you follow our twitter (@TheWickedWomen) you can stay tuned for our launch date. We have three episodes recorded, but I’m behind on release because I want to make sure all my legal ducks are in a row and that everything is perfect. This is my baby and I want to protect it with all of my being.

You have hosted many people on your podcast yet, who would you say was your most memorable guest and why?

Well this is easy, because the only two guests I’ve had so far (because we are halted in production at the moment) are Lady Bella Kush and Ramona Flour. Two of my absolute faves in the industry. Bella is my porn daddy and Ramona is my porn mommy. Ramona is so incredibly active and educated in sex worker’s rights. She is slated to be the second episode released and I think a really fantastic way to introduce our mission. Then we had Daddy Bella. Without giving too much away on how that episode went it was a really perfect way to explain to the listeners how our industry works. Less about rights and more about what we do. I couldn’t imagine two better episodes to launch into this project with. I have a few guests lined up including Lasha Lane where we will be discussing diversity in the industry. Hot button topic right now and I can’t want to get the different perspectives of it.

Will you be traveling to industry conventions this year? If so which ones?

As of right now I’m going to Xbiz Miami at the end of May and Cammunity in July. I sprinkle the exxxotica’s in when I can. I only work my “vanilla job” on the weekends, so I have to be really particular about which weekends I miss at work.

What would you say so far is your favorite industry event and why?

Community and Xbiz Miami are hands down my favorite events. I love that they’re both industry only. There’s something so amazing about being amongst your peers and not having to worry about your “customer service face.” My favorite part about Xbiz Miami is that we have the whole hotel to ourselves. Nobody else stays at the Mondrian, so no matter where you go, you’re with family. I see Cammunity quickly growing into the same volume.

Your so fun and don’t seem to take yourself to seriously how has that helped you deal with everyday stresses?

Easy. Stop giving such a shit about every little thing. If I’m on my way to work and the train gets stuck underground, I’m going to be late. I can stress out about it which will only have a negative domino effect when I get into work. Or, I can just accept it and move on. If you don’t have control over a situation, it doesn’t mean you don’t have control over how you let it affect you. I like to keep this rule of thumb in general in life.

If you could give one piece of advice to talent in the industry what would it be?

Don’t compromise your values. When you work in this industry, there is someone for everyone. I’m a chubby girl with a potty mouth that doesn’t do public nudity and I lived off of camming in nyc for nine months. Do what makes you comfortable and be consistent (which I am not anymore) and it will be worth it. Also, there’s no shame in supplementing your income if the industry isn’t as good to you as you hoped. This is a no guarantees job. That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. Just maybe revisit it a little further down the line with no expectations of immediate financial gain.

Where can everyone find you online?

My EVERYTHING is @nycgirl811 Twitter, Twitch (follow me there now because I’ll be streaming there shortly), gmail and instagram

Follow me on Chatrubate as well at chaturbate.com/nycgirl811

I have a two websites under construction right now www.nycgirl811.com as well as www.wickedcitywomen.com