My Experience with CamGirlDollhouse

Written by MalaniMa

After a late evening of camming from my laptop, I decided to watch the YNOT awards online. My room was dim and my fairy lights were on. I hadn’t attended an adult entertainment awards show before so I was unsure of what to expect. I laid in bed, hugged a pillow, and decided to make myself comfortable (I wanted to see what all the hype was about).

The YNOT Cam Awards went live at 6pm on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 from the Avalon Hollywood in California. As the show began to air, I found myself shocked to see a handful of industry models I followed since joining Twitter only 6 months prior. From that moment on I made a promise to myself to work my butt off so I could attend one of these award shows in the near future.

One of the first times I heard the name “CamGirlDollhouse” was when Kaiia Eve accepted her award for Multi-Platform Master as a performer with CGDH. Kaiia’s representation and the Dollhouse brand name alone is what sold me. It sounded very cute and unique and from that moment forward I wanted to learn more about CGDH, what they stood for, and where they were located. I immediately unlocked my phone and used the search bar to begin my own research on the business. From there I found their official website where I was able to read more about the Dollhouse and their ethics.

About 3 months later and near the second week in January, I retweeted a post from CGDH on Twitter which advertised a discord group for talent wanting to attend CamCon with CGDH. The discord link would give further information to models and content creators about travel information and lodging as well as anything else interested talent wanted to know; Those interested had to be willing to travel in order to film professionally directed content from a luxurious location.

Initially, I wasn’t expecting to be accepted as I was still fairly new to the industry. Then about a week later I received that same discord invite through Twitter via direct messaging. Everything flowed smoothly and the process for signing up to attend CamCon with CGDH was just as easy as it was exciting. LadyBellaKush, CGDH’s CEO, offered to publish interviews featuring the accepted models and, as a writer myself, I took this opportunity because I figured it would be a great way for the members and keyholders at CGDH to get to know me as a new Doll.

Once my initial deposit was paid off I bought my plane tickets to Miami and haven’t looked back. Needless to say I’ve been so appreciative of this opportunity and have been happily supporting CGDH ever since.

Since January 2019, all of us have been putting together exclusive bundles for our sponsors. We all had spent some time participating in monthly CGDH contests in hopes of winning customized merchandise. By participating in these contests we’re also gaining industry exposure and becoming more and more acquainted with the members and keyholders at the Dollhouse.

While most onlookers will assume our work is easy, I have to say that isn’t the case. Within the last 5 months or so I’ve had to use my own social media accounts a bit more for self promotion as well as promotion for CamCon and the Dolls as a group. This can be tricky at times because I haven’t worked under a cam studio before so it’s been more about catering to the members and keyholders at CGDH as well as those interested in joining the new CamDolls.Live website.

We’ve all been very busy promoting our individual services and sales as well as what’s necessary to help us thrive throughout our time spent in Miami. What so interesting about this is that I’ve always struggled with marketing, however, I feel I’ve gained more experience with it through advertising for CamCon. This definitely helps in other areas and I believe other models would say the same.

By mid-January those who accepted the discord invitation were given all the basic information needed in order to select their room packages and place the initial deposits to claim their spots in the SLS Luxury Hotel with CGDH. The confirmed Dolls also began putting together content deals and pre-event bundles for sponsors.

A month later, in February, the Dolls began creating tier lists for sponsors as well as selling their event bundles exclusive to CGDH. By March CGDH opened it’s Brand Ambassador contest on March 1, 2019. The contest ended on March 31st when Kaiia Eve and HarleyxxxBaby were announced as the two new brand ambassadors for the coming year.

More recently, the Spotlight Model of the Year Contest opened on April 1st. This contest closed on May 4th when LilyOhRiley was named the 1st place winner and the promotional Doll for SpunkLube throughout the next year. Harley Marie was awarded 2nd place as Chellsterz came in 3rd (and each Doll has her own set of prizes she receives).

For the month of May the Dolls are taking over the official CGDH Snapchat account. Each Cam Doll is scheduled to takeover the Snap account for 1-2 days and by doing so members will get to know each Doll a lot better. Members also have the opportunity to pay $5 to join the premium story by submitting this fee to CamGirlDollhouse.com or to the CGDH store on ManyVids. These takeovers began May 1st and will continue till the conclusion of CamCon.

Throughout these past couple of months I’ve gotten a better idea of what it means to work as a team under a cam studio. I’m very fortunate to have been accepted to represent CGDH for this event in Miami and I understand that not every model who initially applied was able to go through with the application process. I hope to meet other models and help them understand the many ways being a part of CGDH can even help them outside of the online adult entertainment industry.

One aspect of the Dollhouse that I’ve come to enjoy and love is how friendly and knowledgeable these Dolls are. The ones I’ve personally contacted and those who’ve contacted me have all been extremely welcoming and willing to offer information (especially when it comes to making more sales on ManyVids, selling premium accounts, and even with trading content or sharing script ideas).

For example, another Doll and I are both energy workers and talented in what we do. Towards the beginning of March I offered her a distant reiki session since she was feeling unmotivated and out of sorts. It turned out that she offers similar services and shares a handful of interests in energy healing. So that was a pretty cool conversation to have.

Later in the month Bella made it known that she was looking to hire someone to submit written pieces for the website. I felt this was a perfect opportunity for me since I have prior writing experience. My writing experience started before I started camming so I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to build my skills while adding to my resume. Submitting written content to Bella and receiving her feedback works for me since I love what I do and I know Bella loves CGDH and her CGDH team as well. And with Bella’s work ethic and the work of other Dolls who keep CGDH functioning as it is, I am always happy to tell someone that I’m a staff writer for CGDH.

Since taking on my first assignment in March I’ve been able to interview amazing people who are supportive of the online adult entertainment industry. This even inspired me to start my own interview project, Sex Work ‘n Tea. This project is in its early stages right now so if I had to give a quick summary I would say it’s just me interviewing industry talent about their spiritual beliefs and background, asking them questions about their spiritual upbringing and how it’s shaped their current beliefs and work ethic. And since I operate my own holistic botanica I try to close each interview asking interviewees of their favorite teas and giving the occasional tea suggestion.

When I think of what I do and don’t like about the Dollhouse.. I like how being a part of CGDH has made me question my own marketing strategies and artistic ability. Even though it isn’t required for a model to “be” a certain way or have a certain look, CGDH really pushes its Dolls to deliver their best. As an entity, the Dollhouse is a group of strong and dedicated women who are serious about their work and love what they do. There’s different types of content creators and everyone holds themselves differently but there’s still that sensual energy and strong hint of class.

There isn’t much I don’t like about the Dollhouse, the models I’ve been in contact with have been very welcoming in their own ways. Of course each of us have our own personality and I’m understanding of that. No two models are the same. Some of the models are more talkative where others are more laid back. I love the dynamic of the Dollhouse and am more a fan of CGDH than anything else. In preparing for CamCon 2019 alone, I know that Bella works hard to provide the best experiences for her Dolls. Bella’s work ethic is amazing and I wish nothing but the best for her and the company.

In the future I hope that CGDH catches the eye of talent who have experience in building websites and online portfolios. With my own background in writing and working in different tech environments, I believe a great website can go a long way and each model deserves to have the best representation possible. I’ve seen models accept awards for having great personal websites and I’d love for CGDH to receive an award for something of the same as a cam studio.

I’d also like to see CGDH create more promotional item and attend more tradeshows and conferences. I hope the Dollhouse continues to advertise the fact that while CGDH does direct and sell pornographic content, it also offers models jobs and ways to establish themselves outside of the adult entertainment industry. For example, if you’re a content creator and you know how to code or develop websites, I’m sure Bella would love to have you on her team. If you’re a sex worker and love writing, I’d love to read industry interviews and written pieces submitted by other talent.

I’d also like to see more models joining the Dollhouse, becoming more aware of how great an opportunity being a Doll truly is. While CGDH only works with models and clip artists and only hires models and clip artists I do believe this company can open doors for so many of us who have all these talents and artistic abilities but aren’t being hired by major companies because of the type of work we choose to do. The Dollhouse is operated on professionalism and is really a great “cammunity” of webcam models and clip artists. Each model has her own niche going for her so whatever you’re into I’m confident you can find!

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