Meet Priestess Luna

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

CamGirlDollHouse has had the honor of working with this wonderful Priestess and wanted to get to know her a little better, So we asked her a few questions....

LBK- So..... tell us a little about who you are and what you do within the industry...

LUNA- Well my name is Priestess Luna (Cannapoet). I am an Indie Porn Star (Pornhub gave this Title Last Year), Cam Model, Ordained High Priestess, and Underground (Horrorcore) Influencer. I am Also the Owner and Host of Horrorcore Podcast “Cryptic News”.

LBK- Wow look at you! You do some pretty cool things. Where can people see all of this epicness?

LUNA-Everyone can find all my Verified Links at http://priestessluna.info

LBK- What would u say is your favorite part of the Cammunity?

LUNA-My favorite part of the community is the friendships I have and the sisterhood I found with other models.

LBK- I couldn't agree more... So what do you prefer: clip making or streaming live and why?

LUNA- I prefer clip making over camming 'cause I feel it allows me more creativity to be myself compared to camming on a site.

LBK- What would you say is your favorite clip-site or streaming site and why?

LUNA- My favorite Clip Site is BitVids which is a Bitcoin based clipsite. They have a higher payout and less rules than sites which use a credit card processor, which makes me feels safer to explore other fetishes I wish to in the future.

LBK- That is so hot I love it! It is great to have a place were you can explore and grow. Do you offer custom clips or private shows to fans? Where can they purchase those?

LUNA- I offer both custom clips and private shows via my Unblur store which will be linked below.


LBK- Kick ass! Okay lets get a lil naughty! hahaha What is your favorite sex toy and why?

LUNA- My favorite sex toy is my anal beads because I love anal and creating anal content.

LBK-Oh my hhahah I love it, I have a few of those in my toy chest too. So how did you find CamGirlDollHouse (CGDH) and what interested you in working with CGDH?

LUNA- I found Camgirldollhouse due to following a cam model and clip creator I look up to: LadyBellaKush. She works so hard to help the models she works with advance their fan base.

LBK- OMG you're so sweet! I love the cammunity! I am so happy you found the dollhouse. What are you currently doing with CGDH?

LUNA- I am currently working on the XXXMas Bundle!

LBK- We are so excited that you are apart of the wonderful group of 25 cam models who have come together to create this epic bundle for the fans this holiday season! Fans can purchase this bundle direct from Luna, CGDH, or any of the 25 models involved. EEK I am so excited.

Make sure you follow Luna on twitter here: https://twitter.com/OfficialHPLuna to get her daily updates.