Meet Kitty Porzi

CGDH - Welcome Kitty, tell us a little about yourself who you are, what type of work you do in the industry, where fans can find you online ect.

Kitty- Hi cuties, I’m Kitty Porzi! I’ve been in the industry in one way or another for 3+ years now. I offer an extensive list of services including my personal XXX snapchat, photo sets, videos, live cams, custom content, girlfriend experience packages, and more! I am mainly submissive in  my personal life, but I offer a wide range of fetish content as well as customs! 

You can find all of my information as well as more about me on my website: http://sykekitty.com or subscribe to my XXX snapchat where I post live daily at http://yourkittysnaps.com and you can chat with me personally!

CGDH-- If you could branch out and try a new fetish what would it be and why?

Kitty--I’m always looking to try new fetishes! I don’t have one in particular that I would like to try, because for the most part when I discover something new that I’m interested in I just jump into researching how I can make it happen as soon as possible! I try to always keep my eyes are ears open for new and fun ways to grow and express my kinks!

CGDH -- Do you have any hobbies, can you incorporate it/them into SW?

Kitty -- My main hobbies are art, rope bondage, and smoking! I love incorporating one if not all of my hobbies in my work whenever I can! I enjoy making props, costumes, and whatever I can for my shows and videos! I love making bondage videos and using my ropes to add pretty accents to my non-rope focused content! Smoking fetish videos are always fun and an easy way to incorporate that hobby into my work as well, I love smoking with my fans!

CGDH -- Who is your porn idol and why?

Kitty -- I don’t have one particular porn star that I idolize. Instead, I try to surround myself with success, whether it be inspiration by models in professional porn or just amateurs that seem to have it all figured out! Constantly seeing other models and their success is one of the things that keeps me going. I’ve learned so much from my fellow models, and they never cease to inspire me.

CGDH -- Is this CamCon your first industry event? If not, what others have you attended, or which would you like to attend? Are you excited to be attending with CGDH and why ect?

Kitty -- CamCon is not my first industry event! In the past, I have attended Exxxotica  in New Jersey twice and AVN in Las Vegas once. I am SO excited to be attending CamCon with CGDH, because I know that this is a company run by models for models! I truly support the ideas that this company is putting out there!

CGDH -- What is one thing that SW has taught you about yourself?

Kitty -- SW has taught me that I can do anything if I try hard enough. I have reached and passed my expectations for myself over and over again year after year, and I just cannot wait to continue growing my brand and my fanbase! 

CGDH -- What is your favorite type of content to film and why?

Kitty -- My favorite type of content to film is fetish content! I love the idea of being able to fulfill someone’s deepest, darkest desires! My fetish clients are also the people that I relate to the most, because I live the lifestyle 24/7! Plus, there’s always something new to try or read about when it comes to kinks, the possibilities are endless!

CGDH -- What are your turn ons? And offs?

Kitty -- My BIGGEST turn on is being treated like the princess I am! I love to be spoiled and pampered! Call me your cute little Kitty and give me all of the sparkly things because you know they look so good on me! 

My biggest turn off is dishonesty. Trust is a big thing for me, so if I can’t trust you to tell me the truth, I probably won’t be turned on! 

CGDH -- Have you read any good SW written books? Do you have any suggestions if so?

Kitty -- I highly recommend Thriving in Sex Work by Lola Davina

CGDH -- Is this your first trip to Miami and what are you looking forward to most about attending with CGDH?

Kitty -- This is not my first trip to Miami, but it is my first in a loooong time! The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is meeting all of my model friends!!! I very rarely get the opportunity to be surrounded by so many beautiful people, so as you can imagine I’m VERY excited!