Meet CamDoll LilyOhRiley

CGDH was ohh so lucky in being able to ask the stunning LilyOhRiley and find out a little bit about this fetish clip star.

Bella "So Lily how long have you been in the industry?"

Lily "About a half-decade, at this point, with a heavy focus on self-producing my own content and the very occasional professional scene. I’ve been recording myself - and having my partners record me - in various stages of undress since I turned 18, but it was only when I approached my 20s that I realized I should perhaps be retaining ownership of the sexy videos I was making. " Bella "I think it is a very good call to retain ownership of your own content. So where can fans find your sexy content online?" Lily "My website - lilyohriley.com - is my main hub; it’s where you can find links to all my published videos and creative endeavors. You can also find me on most social media (Twitter, Instagram, Fetlife, etc) as LilyOhRiley" Bella "Who is an inspiration to you in this industry, and why?"

Lily "I’d have to look to the incomparable Nina Hartley (https://twitter.com/ninaland); the more I listen to her speaking engagements and interact with her the more I’m convinced that she’s the epitome of what it means to age with grace and dignity within an industry that preferentially values youth. "

Bella "I 100% agree!! Nina is inspirational. So what would you say is your favorite type of content to create? Lily "I think my absolute favorite content to make would have to be feet/leg fetish; as someone with a foot fetish of her own (and rather lovely feet, I’ve heard) it’s gratifying to get to share a personal fetish of mine with like-minded individuals. Outside of that I generally like to explore whatever kinks strike my fancy on a given day - my current fixation is with creating a style of sweet, girl-next-door cuckolding videos - so my latest favorite can vary week-to-week." Bella "Do you have any interesting talents or hobbies that have helped you in the business?" Lily "My hobby - albeit not the most interesting one - that has helped me the most in this business would probably be my obsession with bullet journaling. Having a written battle plan for each month has been essential to keeping all my different streams of content organized and up to date.

If you want a sexy hobby? That’d probably be my ongoing sex toy collection - I started doing informal reviews for a now-defunct company when I was a freshman in college and the sheer volume of toys I now own means I have an almost endless assortment of options whenever I feel like filming something.

Bella "I am not gonna lie i find your organization rather a rather sexy hobby hahah love it. If you could give one piece of advice to a newcomer, what would it be?" Lily "Your body AND your mind are what make you successful in this industry, so make sure to prioritize taking care of both (know your boundaries, practice self-care, don’t use unsafe toys, etc)." Bella "What is your “go-to” toy, and why? Lily "I review a lot of toys for my YouTube channel, so it’s incredibly hard for me to pick just one - I’m falling in love with a new dildo at least twice a month, on average - but if I had to be locked in a house with just one toy for a month I’d have to go with the Doxy (https://doxymassager.com/) because it has the right kind of rumble for me. Bella "Where is the craziest place you've filmed content? Lily "I have a persistent tendency to play with creating exhibitionist/public content (especially on my premium snap - fancentro.com/lilyohriley) so I’ve masturbated everywhere from a busy train to just off a soccer field to the front seat of my car when I get bored on long drives. Bella "What is your favorite thing about being an independent content creator?" Lily "The freedom, 100%. I love that I can chase whatever fetish strikes my fancy and shoot with whoever makes me happy without having to answer to an agent or be pressured into acts that I don’t care for simply because they’re marketable."

Bella "Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Lily "My hope is that in the next half-decade I’ll still be doing the same things I’m doing now, just more efficiently and with more advanced equipment. I adore the industry I’m in and plan to spend my time uplifting others and pushing toward being the best performer/producer I can be.

Bella "Have you ever had an outrageous custom request, if so what was it?" Lily "Oh boy. [content warning: animal cruelty] I’ve gotten everything from being asked to swallow a live goldfish to stomping baby chicks to death to eviscerating a rooster...apparently something about me leads people to believe that this sort of thing is acceptable. (Spoiler alert - it’s not)." If you remove the absolutely horrifying requests I’ve gotten a few that were simply delightfully strange - I recently did one featuring an invisible leg pervert, I’ve gotten to be a virtual executrix in a shoe-dangling game (https://lilyohriley.com/clips/deadly-dangling.html) and I even got to play a quick-draw masturbation game (https://lilyohriley.com/clips/pov-sexy-shootout.html) for a custom client. I much prefer the ones that are simply exploring the strange crevices of people’s sexual psyches." Bella " WOW people make some insane requests. On to a lighter subjects CamCon your first conference experience?"

Lily "Not at all! My first convention experience was at the AVNs a few years back and that was definitely the equivalent of jumping into the deep end in terms of engaging with the community. Since then I make a habit of attending FetishCon (https://fetishcon.com/) in Florida each year, I typically try to go to a few of the Exxxotica (https://exxxoticaexpo.com) events and I almost never miss an AVN/AEE (https://adultentertainmentexpo.com/). I love attending conferences to network with other performers and experience the sense of community that happens when we all come together."


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