Meet CamDoll Gem_Stoned

We are so excited and honored to be able to interview Gem_Stoned a new camdoll who will be attending #CamConwithCGDH in Miami May 28th - June 1st 2019!

CGDH: Love the name Gem Stoned could you explain why you chose that as your industry name?

G: Originally, I went by littlecougar69, lol it was a pet name given to me by my first master. I had used it for my secret naughty tumblr blog and added the 69 to it. Once I figured out what I was doing in the industry and how I wanted to brand myself chose Gem Stoned because it seemed very fitting as I am as precious as a Gem and always stoned.

CGDH: That is freaken adorable I love it. So how long have you been in the industry?

G: I started in the industry in October 2017 so almost a year and a half now.

CGDH: Oh wow so your rather new to the industry, so which do you prefer to cam or film content?

G: I would say filming content for sure. I’m an exhibitionist and have always enjoyed filming myself plus I get to be creative with it and explore new things. I like Cam too but it can be really hard to stay online sometimes when you have a full camroom and no one is tipping or talking.

CGDH: Understandable I myself prefer to record content over live streaming aswell. So where is your favorite place to film content?

G: Oh that’s a toughie I’d say a tie between the airplane and little hidey holes, as I like to call

them, in the woods.

CGDH: Hahaha public places can be fun. So as a stoner which do you prefer joints/blunts or pipes/bongs?

G: Uhm really it depends on what kind of a mood I’m in. Blunts rolled with hemp wraps are my all time favorite though followed by joints, the volcano, bongs, pipes and battery vapes.

CGDH; Nice! so the stoner in me wants to know more what is your favorite type of edible?

G: One that tastes good and takes me to outer space. I had a coworker who use to make her own special snickers those were definitely my favorite so tasty and always got me good.

CGDH: YUM Do you prefer Indica or Sativa, and why?

G: Really depends on the time of day, my mood and what I need at that moment. I definitely consume a lot of Sativa and Hybrid strains more than Indica, they help with my anxiety and depression tremendously and help get my creative juices flowing. I smoke Indica at night when I’m winding down before bed or if I’m having a lazy self care day since Indica gets me stuck to the couch and helps me pass out.

CGDH: So when your not playing with self on airplanes and recording smut what do you like to do in your spare time?

G: Besides smoke weed? Lol. I really enjoy wrapping crystals and precious stones with wire & getting all kinda crafty with resin, beads, paint, GLITTER, all of it, ALL THE CRAFTS. I’m working on a rhinestone dragonfly portrait right now.

CGDH: Crafting is such a great way to chill and relax the mind I love it (and want one of those necklaces) Being an adult entertainer you must enjoy sexual activities too what would you say is your biggest turn on?

G: I really have a thing for hands & forearms…especially ones with tattoos. I see a nice sleeve on a well defined arm with well taken care of hands and I’m wet enough for you to fist me. I also REALLY get turned on from power exchanges.

CGDH: (covers arms with stickers and flex's) Who would you say is your all time icon from the past?

G: Walt Disney because he created my favorite place in the whole wide world and produced so many of my favorite movies.

CGDH: So I see from your social media you are always traveling, where is your favorite place you've traveled so far?

G: Seattle. I have some very near and dear friends on the industry who have hosted me out there a few times and I love it. I wish I was able to move out there, I’d work in one of the Sexy Coffee Shops they have

CGDH: Do you prefer to film B/G or G/G content more, and why?

G: Definitely B/G, I love pussy and playing with beautiful women but I’m such a cock whore. I need all my holes filled. With a big thick warm throbbing cock. I’m really looking forward to having my first gangbang it’s going to be epic.

CGDH: What is your favorite part about working in the adult industry?

G: Getting to meet so many wonderful like-minded people & getting to help people relax and smile.

CGDH: Are you excited about CamConWithCGDH and are you planning on filming some naughty action?

G: SUPER Excited!! My birthday is the week before I have so many awesomesauce plans. I’m going early & getting the penthouse to film & celebrate my birthday in. I’ll be doing a cake smash which will be my first WAM scene with Heathen Harley. A bunch of the girls are going Domme me in their own way which is super exciting as I LOVE power exchanges. I’m also going to get fisted by a women for the first time which im overly excited about cuz I’ve only ever had beautiful strong man hands and arms in my pussy and ill finally get to have beautiful delicate lady hands and arms in there.

CGDH: That is so exciting! I cant wait to see what you ladies come up with.

Where can our readers find you online?

G: OMG I’m like everywhere. I spend a lot of time on twitter manyvids & MFC lately. I’ll be launching my own website hopefully right around camcon/my birthday.