Matt Goodspeed PH.D Joins CamGirlDollhouse

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

CamCon is the annual conference tailored to suit the needs and demands of talent and creators within the adult industry. This year’s event will be the 6th convention to date and will be held May 28th through June 1st at the SLS South Beach Luxury Hotel in tropical Miami, FL.

This year’s cam conference is packed with countless information sessions specific to the online adult industry and will give attendees many opportunities to hang-out, mingle, and network amongst one another. Two sister conferences, known as InkedCon and CannabisCon, will also take place during CamCon.

These three conferences have been dubbed TheCons and will give tattoo and cannabis connoisseurs the chance to mingle amongst one another while having the ability to explore different booths to check out some of the more recent products and services currently offered by brands and businesses outside of the adult entertainment industry. As an added bonus, registered attendees of CamCon are able to schedule tattoo sessions with celebrity tattoo artists.

And with less than 20 days away, CamGirlDollHouse will be attending CamCon 2019 in Miami, FL as a proud star sponsor!


Since January 2019, the CGDH Miami Dolls have been recording content and putting together exclusive bundles for their generous sponsors. The Dolls have also been actively participating in CGDH contests to win free and customized merch, as well as promotional exposure and brand ambassador opportunities.

CGDH recently closed out voting for our Spotlight Model of the Year Contest, which opened April 1st and closed May 4th.

Our winning Doll receives 50% of her #CamConwithCGDH package fee back, a feature on CGDH postcards and promotions on CamDolls.Live till January 1, 2020. Our winning Doll will also receive a square CGDH pillow for herself (plus the matching CGDH bedding to use for filming purposes during CamCon), a one of a kind CamDoll swag bag (including a customized neon CGDH ambassador suit with accessories for the CamCon Neon Party!), one monthly blog submission that will be posted on CGDH News, the ability to receive one free CGDH Las Vegas Studio ticket, a Bad Dragon Gift Card, and an exclusive CamCon Bikini!

Congratulations to LilyOhRiley for being our 1st place contest winner and Spotlight Model of the Year! Along with her cash prize and year of marketing and promotions, she also becomes the SpunkLube Promo Model for CGDH! This means that she will be featured in a 1-minute commercial that will be recorded during CamCon and provided with a SpunkLube shirt and product.

Coming in hot after LilyOhRiley, our winners are Harley Marie coming in 2nd and Chellsterz coming in 3rd.

As the 2nd place winner, Harley Marie will receive a CamCon bikini, $100 Amazon gift card, one CGDH sweat suit, a scheduled 1-hour photoshoot with one of our talented photographers, Spunk Lube product(s), and one blog submission for self-promotion till January 2020. She will also have her profile published on the CamDolls.Live homepage and received a customized CGDH item in her CamCon backpack.

And as the 3rd place winner, Chellsterz will receive two printed calendars of professionally photographed photos which will be taken during CamCon.

“I’m absolutely elated to be the 2019 CGDH Spotlight Doll of the Year!

CGDH does so much to help their models unlock their potential,

so with their support I feel like the sky’s the limit!

I’m especially looking forward to the networking and collaborative opportunities that

will come from attending CGDH events; my fellow Cam Dolls this year are a gorgeous,

innovative group and getting to meet them all is definitely a highlight.”

LilyOhRiley, Miami Doll and Spotlight Model of the Year Winner

On behalf of CGDH, congratulations to all of our participating Dolls and congratulations to our winners!

For the month of May each of our Miami Dolls will be doing daily takeovers on the CGDH Snapchat so members can get to know each of the Dolls a bit more. The Dolls will be logging in at 11am on their scheduled day(s) and logging out at 8am the following day(s). These scheduled takeovers are free to view while members can view the more exclusive stories for only $5! Exclusive stories can be purchased via CamDolls.Live or through the CGDH store on ManyVids.

LadyBellaKush, CEO of CGDH, commented on her vision for the ongoing contests and promotion opportunities:

“CamGirlDollHouse is known for bringing models out of their shells and introducing them to other like minded people in a safe and fun work environment. Each event takes months of planning which gives all of the attending dolls time to get to know each other online, learning each others likes and dislikes, what they have in common and so much more. Their is truly nothing better than signing up for a work event and making lifetime friends at the same time.”

This year CGDH will be bringing together 14 Dolls to one spot for CamCon 2019 and a handful of these models have yet to attend their first webcam conference. As a handful of our Dolls are unsure of what’s to come or what to expect from this year’s convention, CGDH would like to make this introduction to CamCon as heartwarming as possible by throwing an exclusive CGDH Meet and Greet Dinner for the Miami Dolls.

When asked about the purpose of this dinner, LadyBellaKush replied:

“These events do not only bring models together but they help models grow their own brands and learn ways to do this by working together. During our meet and greet dinner we go over ways to protect each models work with contracts and talk about marketing strategies to help models learn to earn as much as possible during and long after the event.”

As most of our Dolls are funding out of pocket or relying solely on the sponsorships of their loyal fans, CGDH set out the intention of having this exclusive dinner sponsored by a DollHouse fan. And, as of April, CGDH would like to announce that our Meet and Greet Dinner for CamCon 2019 in Miami, FL has been fully sponsored by Matt Goodspeed!

Our sponsor for this Meet and Greet Dinner is familiar with the online adult industry and has spent many years building his portfolio offering adult brand consultations and currently specializes in branding, marketing, sales, strategic analysis, and crisis communications.

CGDH had the honor of speaking with our generous sponsor for an exclusive interview:

C: To begin, I would like to thank-you on behalf of CamGirlDollHouse for sponsoring our Meet and Greet Dinner for CamCon 2019!

M: “Thanks so much for the opportunity to introduce myself and answer a few questions for CGDH.”

C: Who are you and what do you do?

M: “My name is Matt Goodspeed, and by day, I'm a college professor of communication, social media, and leadership. In my free time, I work with people in the adult content industry to help them grow their brand, increase sales, and develop a business plan to reach their goals.

“I have a BA in Communication and Marketing, a Master's in Speech Communication, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication. I've also got ten years of experience helping people in other industries, like banking and geographic information systems.

“Basically, I try to help you get your brand/professional image and income to levels that you want. To do this, I work on your brand (public image), social media promotion, sales analytics, and other marketing issues that you may experience. I also am a big believer in goal setting, so I'm happy to help you with short-term and long-term goal-setting, and help you to get to where you want to be.”

C: What tools do you possess/what can you do for the Dolls to help them grow and expand?

M: “I've got over 20 years of experience studying how consumers and businesses try to communicate with each other, based on what each party needs. For the last 10 years, I've had many opportunities to try to help businesses develop strategies to think more like their customers when developing products and services. We've worked on many different aspects of developing, promoting, and selling goods and services to different customer groups. Those businesses have a lot in common with the Dolls in this way.

“Each of you is trying to create content and relationships with different consumers of your products. Many in your industry are doing their best with the limited amount of time that they have, but sometimes, there's so much stuff out there to think about, that it's easy to get lost in the great sea of stuff to do. What I want to do is to help you focus on your strengths, improve upon the necessary weaknesses (you don't have to be good at everything, but somethings you have to at least be decent at), and maximize your time and energy into the things that will make you better at what you do.

“I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study many parts of your industry, both as a professional and as a consumer. While I don't know everything, I do know much about the different tools you have at your disposal. I want to help each of you reach your goals, professionally and personally.”

C: Why did you decide (or what inspired you) to sponsor CGDH?

M: “I see a group of strong, empowered women who have a lot on their plate. I see the same group trying to care for friends, children, parents, partners, and still keep up a career path that allows them to pay their bills. If I can help make parts of your life easier, I want to do that. I believe that you can work in this industry for a long time, and be successful every step of the way.

“I want to help you with some of the things that I've seen work and have learned from other industries. If you believe in yourself and have a no-quit work ethic, then I really want to work with you. You may have to step out of your comfort zone, but my job is to help steady you until you get your balance.”

Many models and clip creators join the online adult industry because it gives them a creative outlet that allows them to build a business and brand on their own terms. While working in the industry new and upcoming talent often struggle with marketing and developing their own brand and may find themselves struggling when it comes to marketing and representation.

Seeing models get to where they want to be is so important to CamGirlDollHouse

and extremely important to our newest sponsor, Matt GoodSpeed!

“[Matt’s] goals line up with CGDH in the way that we both want to see strong

and independent talent succeed. Each Doll is different and Matt

understands this… which is why he focuses on individual plans with models.

“CGDH is so honored and grateful to have [Matt Goodspeed] sponsor our

meet and greet dinner… it seems to be a perfect match!”


Whether it’s working with a studio or as an individual a high percentage of talent are unsure of how to advertise themselves or their services and and can fall short when it comes to using social media for networking purposes and building a loyal fan base.

For this reason, CGDH attends many popular webcam conferences to support models and clip creators while striving to get the word out about our business ethics and growing opportunities for interested talent.

If you are in the adult industry and would like to contact our sponsor for brand and marketing consultations, email: Matt Goodspeed, Ph.D. mgoodspeedmarketing@gmail.com

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https://www.CamCon.com/ and @CamConOfficial on Twitter.

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