Lindsey Banks

Linsey Banks is a world traveled Adult Entertainer… How does she do it all we wanted to know so we sat down and had a little chat with this amazing doll.

Let’s start with How long have you been in the industry?

“ I began camming 5 years ago in 2013 and consistently throughout 2015.”

Wow that is a long time you must enjoy it.

“Yes, I do now. I still feel new to the AduIt Industry and it was quite a transition to normalize something so different from the social norm to my lifestyle.”

What have you gained from choosing this career path?

“Confidence, Control, and Cash.”

I can see from your social media you have traveled to some amazing places. Where have you been able to travel sense becoming adult entertainer and where is your favorite place you have traveled so far?

“On social media, you will definitely find some of the places I have traveled or will be traveling to. Since becoming an Adult Entertainer I've been to several countries in Latino America like Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, and one of my personal favorite countries is Colombia. I'm soon visiting Europe this year. It's tough deciding which country is my favorite by thinking of my most memorable vacations in my motherland of Mexico and where my heart has made home in Colombia!”

Do you think you would have been able to see all of these places if you had taken a different career path?

“No Never would I have imagined my life, much less my career, taking me to visit these beautiful places. It still amazes me.”

What would be your advice to models who want to travel a lot but are unsure how to do that while still working on the road?

“Major advice to models that like traveling but want to keep it balanced with work would be to utilize social media platforms as well as using special features that their site of choice has built for models while they are offline. Flirt4Free has a cool "Tip Target" that you can customize to targets/goals while you are away. I use social media such as Snapchat, Twitter, and recently Instagram. Personally, Snapchat is ideal for me to monetize for me with Fancentro. I post on the daily there and it's as easy as simply attaching a link to your snaps. Posting about your travels or vacation getaway brings your viewers with you while you connect them virtually with social media.”

I see #FleshlightGirl on your social media… What is that all about? (how it started where people can get it or entertainers can sign up to become one ect)

“I usually hashtag things important to me in my bio. It's really an honored to hashtag "FleshlightGirl" considering how prestige the brand Fleshlight is and my demographic. I remember receiving the email asking me to become a CamStar. Specifically for me CamStars are those who have won or been hand selected by Flirt4Free for digitally photographed & autographed Fleshlights to be made. To be a Fleshlight CamStar, requires to be a Top Model on Flirt4Free.”

What is your favorite streaming site and why?

“Flirt4Free is the only site I stream on for many reasons! First I have to bring up the Flirt Summit. Flirt rewards the Top Models by takin us on a lavish getaway every year, one of the great reasons I get to travel to vacation. There has always been a great support and response while I have been with Flirt. They invest a lot into the model cammunity AND the member cammunity. Working with Flirt has given me so many opportunities to learn and share that knowledge with others.”

I also noticed on your social media you are a trophy collector. What are some of the awards and nominations you have received?

“ I recently wrote down some awards I've won for my website that's totally under construction right now. Recently, I was awarded 2017's F4F Brand Ambassador. The year before that I won F4F's Social Media Star Award. As for nominations, I'm lost! Favorite Camgirl is an AVN nomination I've been in the category for many years (3 at least). Cyber Socket, AWSummit, Fleshbot Awards... I've been nominated for so many awards throughout the years I wish I would have kept track.”

WOW Good for you it’s great when hard work is recognized. You attend a lot of summits and sit on panels. Why do you attend these and why should other people in the industry attend these types of functions?

“ As I mentioned a bit earlier on opportunities, learning and growing within the industry allows me to give back to our cammunity. I participate and guest speak on seminars/panels and attend Summit regularly every year. I want to share my insight on what affects or will affect us as a community, and in addition to what I learn, I build a stronger connection with those in my community. The importance of attending events in this biz is entirely up to an individual. That's another thing that's great about this work-line, you can get as much or as little help as you need or want. Admitting to you right now though, that I could have really used some core info at the beginning of my career that I have heard repeatedly in panels had I known the resources were there. I didn't even know what a CamGirl was when I did my first log in!”

Okay we are going to change topic a little here but umm… Who is Becky?

"Becky Lesabre is a wonderful person that I get to call a very close friend of mine. She is an independent traveling model that has been in the industry for over 17 years. Saying she's a veteran is an understatement. CamgirlTakeover is where I can show my take on CamLife and what camming is to me. I get to choose what that is. We takeover cities across the U.S. trying to bring people in our cammunity together. We've also taken over cities around the world, we are definitely going global. We've done multiple events with the help of several people including other Camgirls we have met along the way and sponsors. Event locations and expos we have done get togethers at include:

multiple cities in Texas

Phoenix, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

multiple cities in Colombia


Denver, Colorado

the list goes on haha

At our get togethers we get to experience different things since it's usually in a new place. We have done lingerie exchanges, goodie swag bag giveaways, we do a lot of virtual community based activities too like giveaways and webinars. We all learn so much and connect with each other in so many ways.”

That is so exciting! When is your next get together going to take place?

“Thank you!! Our next get together will be soon during mid June in Austin, Texas where we have already had a successful event with awesome sponsors. Hope we get to see you out here!”

If You could change one thing about the industry today what would that be.

“The stigma that the adult industry faces is a major thing I would change about it today. I feel like part of a solution would include more access to sexual/sex education.”




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