DenverDragonDoll Event Part 2

After the long journey across country and and epic night of wine and sexy fire dancer show the

I woke up ready to get to work. I went into the common areas and set up the entire house with CGDH Swag posters backdrops, hair and make up area the place looked amazing!


woke up and came down made some coffee and started making breakfast for the dolls in her adorable CGDH apron. Everyone woke to the smell of possibility and coffee in the air.

After breakfast everyone jumped up and started getting ready for a day of recording epic content. Our amazing sponsor BadDragon (BD)who provided us with funds to truly provide the CamDolls what they needed to create our bad dragon themed content. Each day we dedicated our content to one of the amazing bad dragon characters. Our first tribute was to Scorn.

He is a dragon who guards gold and has a taste for the finer things in life. So the dolls put on there dragon slayer gear and got to work fuck and sucking that dragon till he gave them all he possed. The dolls created three stunning videos with this amazing toy with a great character. Bad Dragon is so great at making each toy its very own with its very own story this is just one of the reasons BD is so amazing. @kinsey_shane, @LittlePuck @carapinkacid13, @marenxxxx, @chellsterz and @Kaiia_eve truly brought this character to life and made full storyline content.

Then a quick lunch break the dolls stripped off there slayer our fits and put on there new CamGirlDollhouse (CGDH) swag for a fun photo shoot. Every CGDH event has several photo shoots and this was the first group shoot of the event. EEk don't they look so cute!!

You can check out all the videos from this blog here CamGirlDollhouse.manyvids.com. Check back next week to hear what took place next at the CGDH DenverDragonDolls Event. .