DenverDragonDoll Event - Part 1

The Road Trip

April 1st 2018 CGDH Staff @LadyBellakush and @CreepXQueen packed up a u haul and begin what was going to be the craziest road trip ever. Creep and Bella are known for there road

trip adventures but nothing could have prepared

them for what mother nature had in store

for them. A trip that should have taken 36

hours turned into a 72 hour adventure. They drove through a snow storm in new england, hail storms in middle of the country then of course there was the flooding. It did not stop there these girls were hit with tornado warnings for almost 12 hrs.

Nothing was going to stop these girls from getting the there destination in Colorado. Waiting for them in Colorado was eight cam models ready to have the best week of there camlife. Even with all of the insane weather Creep and Bella drove on and made it to Colorado as alive as they could be after driving that long. The dolls welcomed and unpacked the truck and got ready or the big surprise Bella had planned for them that evening.

After everything was unpacked and Bella and Creep took nice long showers all of the dolls met in the living room where Bella had a big surprise waiting for them. Bella's only clue was "You can can not have a dragon event without a little fire" and she meant it!

For over a hr the dollhouse was literately on fire!! Several of the dolls even got up and had a little dance tease with the fire. It was truly a kick ass way to start the #DenverDragoDoll event.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of 6 about the denverdragondoll event!!