CamGirlDollhouse Sponsors CamCon2019

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

For many years, tradeshows and conventions geared towards the adult industry have given talent, industry professionals, and content creators various ways to network and meet other like-minded artists.

Cam conventions have been around for quite some time and have slowly began adapting to the demands of its talent, consumers, and clients due to technology that’s constantly being updated along with the continuous expansion of industry standards.

Cam studios, cam sites, and their models are the main attendees of these cam conventions. And through the hard work and dedication of the attending talent, these conventions (along with adult entertainment award shows) have began pushing for more interactive ways to entertain registered industry creators and ticket-holders.

CamCon, the worldwide conference tailored to the model-content industry, is stirring up excitement among adult-industry content creators. CamCon 2019 will be the 6th annual conference to date and will be held May 28th through June 1st at the SLS South Beach Luxury Hotel in tropical Miami, FL.

This year’s CamCon will include two sister conferences along with the main cam convention. Combined, these three conferences make up TheCons:

InkedCon and CannabisCon will give tattoo and cannabis connoisseurs different opportunities to network and explore the latest happenings within the industries while CamCon brings talent together in one main event to wine-and-dine its models each night before delivering industry-related seminars. And, of course, attendees of CamCon will be able to schedule tattoo sessions with celebrity tattoo artists!

The following is a short breakdown of what’s to come during CamCon 2019:

Tuesday, May 28th: Model, industry and press registration will take place in the afternoon. Appetizers and hors d'oeuvres will be served all evening. Scheduling will open for those interested in sitting down for a tattoo session with a celebrity tattoo artist. Later that night there will be a private toast for models and attending brands during the much anticipated Neon Night and Swim Soiree. Remember to bring your neon-colored swimsuits!

Wednesday, May 29th: From early morning until noon, industry attendees will begin setting up their tents, cabanas and public displays. There will be an exclusive “models only” brunch where talent will have the opportunity to meet and network with others in the industry. The Industry Day Pool Party will begin around noon and end later in the evening. Appetizers will be served during the hair and makeup appointments before the private dinner held for models, followed by the anticipated “InkedCon” after-party at Bar Centro. Attendess will be able to schedule sessions with celebrity tattoo artists throughout the day.

Thursday, May 30th: Another “models only” brunch will be served from noon into later in the evening followed by a selection of poolside seminars. Before the model dinner, talent will be able to network and mingle. There will be more time to schedule sessions with celebrity tattoo artists throughout the day. Day three will close later that night with live performances and a guest appearance by a famous comedian.

Friday, May 31st: CannabisCon seminars will be held from early morning to late evening (schedule TBD) before busses will begin leaving for fan and retail night. CamCon will hold its final 2019 dinner for models that evening followed by the opening of fan night to industry creators and models. Fan and retail night will then be opened to public, followed by the World Famous Closing Party at Club E11EVEN.

CamGirlDollhouse wanted to show our appreciation for this amazing event by interviewing Stacey Havoc, experienced tv show host, webcam model, producer, director and partial CEO of CamCon:

C: How did you get into the adult industry?

S: “I got into the industry when I started hosting a show called MoneyTalks when I was 20 years old. From there I started webcamming, producing, and directing. I've been in the industry for over 11 years now.”

C: Why did you create CamCon?

S: “My partner and I created CamCon because we felt the industry was missing a show like this. In the past I attended conferences that were all indoors. I worked long hours standing at a booth in the cold A/C and it sucked. I felt like there was no equality at these shows. Some models weren't being appreciated as much as they should have been, especially while being the ones that drive this industry. We wanted to create a safe experience that felt more like a relaxing vacation, with a good mix of learning and playing. After the first year, we evolved from a Cam Model show (Camming Con) into CamCon, a show for any type of model to attend and be treated equal.”

C: What does CamCon mean to you?

S: “Watching CamCon grow and seeing models evolve has been very rewarding. So, when someone tells us that the show isn’t going to work, that they'll take us out… it just makes us want to work even harder on its success. This is our 6th year and we continue to grow strong - teaming up with TheCons for the ultimate Model, Tattoo, and Cannabis Conference.”

C: What is your overall vision for CamCon and how would you like the event to influence other models and content creators?

S: “I would like everyone to leave our show motivated and ready to take on new ideas and opportunities that will help them evolve and be more successful. I also hope to help build the confidence of models, pushing them out of their shells so they can make new lifelong friends.”

When asked about her thoughts on this year’s cam event, LadyBellaKush, Founder and CEO of CamGirlDollhouse (CGDH), adds:

“CamCon is an event that is truly for the talent. They provide a little bit of everything and make it fun for all who attend. Many conventions have way too much going on with not enough time to do it all because talent tends to be stuck at their assigned booths the entire time. CamCon has made it so talent can enjoy educational seminars while learning about new companies.”

When asked about the aspects of previous cam conventions that should be changed or improved upon, talent often points out the lack of space and ability to enjoy scheduled seminars and events paired with a desire for the incorporation of fun and interactive events into convention schedules (catering more to the talent).

LadyBellaKush mentions how CamCon 2019 gives talent the ability to meet fans at their very own booths (which have been included in their low registration fee):

“That's right! Talent isn’t paying thousands of bucks to stand at a table for 4 days in a row, receiving little to no reward for their efforts and with no additional time to enjoy the many other aspects CamCon as to offer.”

There are hundreds of other booths to contend with and this is one issue that has presented itself among the talent of previous conventions. LadyBellaKush proceeds to mention that the thoughtfulness of those behind CamCon are the exact reason why CGDH has decided to sponsor the event for the very first time:

“The CamDolls stand behind this event for many reasons but the main reason is due to the amazing team behind CamCon. CGDH is a company that provides industry services, is by models for models and we fully support the vision that Stacey Havoc and her team hold to the highest of standards. This team (CamCon) truly cares about the talent and wants to bring like-minded people together. How could we not want to be apart of something that is clearly 100% for the models?”

CamCon 2019 is also sponsored by Studio20 CamSoda, FanCentro, StripChat, Pasties Paradise, NakedNews, Baci Lingerie, Michele & Group, and Zirdi Payments.


CGDH has a total of 14 beautiful #MiamiDolls attending CamCon 2019 who will be seen throughout the event mingling, networking, and greeting fans. To prepare for this big event these dolls have spent the last few months working very hard as a team, marketing and putting together exclusive bundles of recorded content for each of their generous sponsors.

“I’m super excited for my first CamCon! Looking forward to lots of fun in the sun creating content with the amazing CamDolls, a new tattoo at InkedCon and meeting all my hot freaks at Fan Day.”

- Bluemynx, Miami Doll

Leading up to CamCon, these Dolls have also been participating in CGDH contests and raffles as a way to win exposure opportunities along with #CamDoll attire from the CGDH Swag Shop. So far, two of our participating CamCon Dolls have been awarded and titled CGDH Brand Ambassador of the Year!

“I’m super excited to be CGDH’s Brand Ambassador of the Year and to see my poster displayed at CamCon! It’s my first year attending and it’s going to be great to be with such a fun group of ladies. I can’t wait to actually meet all the women I’ve been making plans with and make new friends and connections in the cam world.”

- HarleyXXXBaby, Miami Doll and Brand Ambassador

Our current contest and brand opportunity is CGDH’s 2019 Spotlight Doll of the Year Contest. This contest opened April 1st and grants the winning model a handful of amazing prizes and opportunities: the ability to win 50% of her CamConwithCGDH package fee back, a one-hour promo shoot with a professional photographer during CamCon, monthly promotion on the CGDH website as well as customized CGDH swag and accessories, and more!

In order for a model to be awarded this title she must receive paid votes through the CGDH contest page at https://www.camgirldollhouse.com/cgdh-contest. And, as with the initial sponsorships, entered models have even put together private bundles and content packages for their voters. CGDH currently has 11 Dolls in the running for this title. The winner will be announced on May 4, 2019.

“I am really looking forward to going to CamCon and having an opportunity to have my own booth and represent myself at a convention! The seminars look very interesting as well, and of course the party atmosphere!”

- Chellsterz, Miami Doll

Once in Miami, all attending Dolls will begin recording private content for their #CamConwithCGDH sponsors as well as creating their own CamCon content for their individual event bundles, snap accounts, online clip stores, and cam sites. By supporting one or more of our Dolls, sponsors gain access to exclusive CGDH videos and snap bundles along with the deals and bundles each model offers outside of CGDH.

During Fan Night, each one of our Dolls will have the opportunity to work her own booth, giving her the opportunity to network, sell content such as signed posters and individual polaroids, give away free stickers, take photos, and mingle with local sponsors and fans.

“All of the Dolls are so excited about this event and can’t wait to meet other talent during Industry Day. We will have our very own cabana and will be ready to meet all of our attending fans on Fan Day!”

- LadyBellaKush, CEO of CGDH

To view the complete CamCon 2019 event schedule, buy tickets, and register:

https://www.CamCon.com/ and @CamConOfficial on Twitter.

And for information on CGDH’s 2019 Spotlight Doll of the Year Contest and to find out more about our attending Miami Dolls, visit: https://www.camgirldollhouse.com/cgdh-contest and @CGDollhouse on Twitter.