CamGirlDollhouse presents CamBased

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

CamGirlDollhouse is known for bringing models together to collaborate and work on tons of amazing cross promotional activities. We provide models with not only a safe trusted place to work but also a cammunity of models who lift each other up and see the value of working together. Until now CamGirlDollhouse has not had a platform for models to really utilize the amazing advances in technology to help grown a models career.

We are so happy to announce that on January 14th 2020 we can finally say we have the best platform for models to grow and take charge of there careers in every way technology will allow.

We would like to introduce you all to CamBased a software platform with tools and services built around increasing revenue streams for webcam models. All of the features are researched and suggested by models. Making CamBased truly By Models for Models just like CamGirlDollhouse. Check out the list of features already to go the 14th of January and more to come through out the year of 2020.

CamBased Features:

  • 70%+ commission sitewide. Stop getting paid less for more work. We give you great payouts!

  • CamBased Model Ambassadors. This program will offer models the ability to mentor and coach other models, creating a positive support network.

  • Free personal website. We offer you an easy to create, easy to modify site that you’re bound to adore.

  • Personal ecommerce store. Sell your products as you see fit.

  • Safe anonymous Amazon Wishlist. Have your eye on that cool couch you saw? Get a fan to buy it for you without them finding out where you live

  • Premium social subscription sales. Give that Snapchat extra boosting through our platform.

  • Fan club memberships sales. Let your fans’ memberships get pushed through easier than ever before.

  • Private blog. We give models a place to actually talk about issues they face through our blog. Get creative with it!

  • Models-only community area. This is going to be the best place to interact with fellow models and also get more friends.

  • Fundraising & donation campaigns. If you were worried about being pulled from GoFundMe or a similar platform, our site will help you out.

  • Tips and tributes. Let fans pay to admire you, and make it easier than ever before.

  • DMCA takedown services. Protect your intellectual property.

  • Whale identification and notification. Get alerts to the big spenders who might just be your next big customers.

  • Red flag user identification. Worried about that creepy guy? This feature will tell you if your client is a problem client before they even hit you up

  • .Analytics and statistics. Find out what videos are your most profitable, and how you can make more money.

  • Auto-translation services. Bring your services global and avoid misunderstandings with our high tech platform.And more!

One January 14th 2020 talent will be able to go onto the platform click around and see what is coming. This will be what is called a soft launch to check and make sure everything is working smoothly before we have our full site launch! So note that you may see features but not all will be fully functional till full launch date this spring.

The CamBased Community

Website: CamBased.com Email: contact@cambased.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cambased Reddit https://www.reddit.com/u/cambased Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realCamBased/ Medium: https://www.medium.com/@cambased Sharesome: https://sharesome.com/cambased Discord: https://discord.gg/BJRDH6U