Amberly Rothfield

We got to sit down with the the very talented Amberly Rothield, our favorite author and educator of the adult industry. Beginning her career as a phone sex operator in 2005 to being a best seller author of "How I made 10,000 in One Month as a Phone Sex Operator. Amberly is such a respected and caring figure in the community and we had to know more about her and her journey.

Before you became and industry icon you had a very different life. What made you decide you wanted to be part of the adult industry?

"Well I was homeless at the age of 17. I got by on the kindness of classmates who knew my home situation. When I hit 18, I found an ad for adult voice actresses and applied immediately. I hadn’t done anything like it previously, but was in dire need. It turned my life around, and I’ve never looked back."

It is always so inspiring to see those who go from negative to positive due to choose of joining the adult industry. Besides phone sex operator what other parts of the industry if any have you worked in?

"I have worked in clips, cam, phone sex, sexting, and live domination sessions. Now, I also teach business and marketing in the adult industry."

Nice so you were about to dabble in almost every area of the industry. What would you say is your favorite branch of the industry you have worked in thus far?

"My absolutely favorite branch has to be phone sex. Personally, I hate having to get all “dolled up” for photos/video, but I love the live interaction with my fans. And, hearing the live response really gets my creative juices flowing."

You have been in the industry for quite some time now and have clearly learned a lot, so much so you wrote a book! When did you decide to start writing this book and what was the reason for its creation? What information can we find in the book?

Being a top model on several sites, I got a lot of questions. Over time, I began to write down my answers, so I could paste them for the more commonly asked questions. One day, I realized there was over 200 pages, so I decided to organize it more. I released it for free about two years ago, and it became a bestseller on Amazon, despite people being able to get it for free. Though titled about phone sex, many in other segments have found it’s helped them a lot.

Where can we get a copy of the book

The free copy can be found at www.gumroad.com/l/amberlypsoand if you want a physical copy or Kindle version it is at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0798H4S5X

So, the basis of your book is about phone sex. What is your favorite part about being a phone sex operator?

My favorite part about being a phone sex operator is that I can craft the most fantastic scenarios. With webcam and clips, you are pretty limited to your space and skill level. With phone sex, I can be ANYTHING and ANYWHERE and switch so fast. I was always a story writer at heart, so to be able to craft a story with a client is so satisfying on a creative level.

This book clearly needs to be read by everyone and your making sure you get this information out there via interviews, expos, workshops ect. What would you say is your favorite place you have visited while traveling promoting your book and sharing your story?

"I would hands down say my favorite place to have gone to while promoting the book has been AVN this past year. It was insane how many models already had copies and asked me tp sign them. The amount of industry executives who also knew of the work we have been up to has also been mind-blowing. The love was so real and seeing so many models thank me for increasing their income brought me to tears on multiple occasions."

I believe it! I recall meeting you and fan girling all over you! Talent around the world and those interested in learning more about the industry are picking up this book and singing your praises. Do you think at some point you will write another book?

If so, what would the topic be?

I have a couple of books coming out this year. A 90-day guide to hand hold creators into getting their customers excited about their content will be the first to release in about 60 days. Then, a rewrite of my first book to add in other sects of our industry is also planned. With the passing of SESTA/FOSTA and a few services going down, it has become imperative for the rewrite to happen pronto.

That is brilliant I cant wait to get a copy!!!!! When do you think it will be out?

The 90-day guide will be out around April 2020, and the whole new book is slated for August 2020. Both will be available on Amazon.

Not only do you work full time in the industry as talent and author, but you really do a lot more hands-on training and support for models with your one on one sessions. Can you explain what it is you do to help talent on a more personal level and where talent can sign up for this service?

After the book came out, it became clear that models needed more. I continued to get messages asking for one-on-one help or to explain concepts more than was originally covered. Mix that with news coming out constantly, and I felt the need to get information out faster than writing an in-depth book. For that reason, we created stars.avn.com/amberlypso/?code=72a15where we post videos about business and marketing. I also offer one on one help via calendly.com/amberlypso.

You are so amazing the community is so lucky to have you! This year you attended AVN, not just as talent, but even getting on stage as a trophy girl announcing awards!! That must have been so exciting to be part of what we consider our industries Oscars or Grammys.

Can you tell us about that night?

That night is still so surreal. Being asked to present on stage was insane given that only the TOP talent of the industry is generally asked. Also being the first black BBW to ever grace the stage the same night that the first BBW (April Flores) did, was such an honor. And being asked to present the final award as well? I was on air the entire night.

That sounds positively magical. There are so many other amazing industry events taking place this year, are you planning on attending any and if so where can fans and talent see you?

"I plan to do all the Exxxoticas and XBIZ Miami. Fetcon is on my radar, since I didn’t go last year. I’m considering Woodhull, as well."

We are so honored to have had this time to chat and learn more about you. We have just one more question for you. What is one piece of advice you would give the industry as a whole?

The biggest advice I can give to anyone just do whatever it is you’re thinking about doing. The most common issue I have to triage with talent is the fact that they’re overthinking or imposter syndrome is holding them back. Get those clips out, cam even if your backdrop isn’t perfect, and just get better as you go. www.amberlyrothfield.com www.twitter.com/amberlypso