Welcome to the Dollhouse. Once you have just booked your date for your very own #CGSnapDoll Snap Chat takeover. Here are a few things to keep in mind during your take over.

There are several stories you may add snaps to each day on this account.

The Basic Story
This is the Normal story you post to on SC.
This is the NON NUDE story!
Promote the $5 Premium code during take-over.

Promote your own stores, live shows, and projects.

Premium Viewers
This can be used as a normal Premium Snap Story
All Viewers on this story are Paid Viewers.
This gives models a chance to promote in front of customers who do not freeload.
While CGDH cannot promise they will spend on every model, the chance for sales is there.
You may get FULL Nude, play games, and use as you would takeover snap account.

There is to be NO Promo on this story. This is a premium viewer story. They can see the basic story to view your promotions. All models must post at least ten Snaps on this story during their take over. Keep this story friendly like you would with your own premium viewers.

Model Viewers
Model Viewers also have a special story and will be able to view the basic story as well.
All models in this model take over group are CGSnapDolls however not all in basic viewer are Dolls.
Use this to connect with other dolls, swap snap codes and build friendships


OUR Story

Our story is a story that snapchat offers to everyone on every account. Posting to this story will have people all around your current location being able to view you. DO NOT EVER POST TO THIS STORY! It is a quick way to be outed in your community and to get the account flagged.

Then of course there is also rules to keep from madness occurring.
1.    No Nude on Basic Snap Story (Model will be removed and bumped off the account instantly)
2.    Models may not block any other model viewers
3.    Models must not snap about politics or religion
4.    Models must not be rude to viewers
5.    Models must not demand payment from any viewers at any time
6.    Models may not add anyone to premium viewer story (Premium viewers pay through CGDH site only)
7.    If viewer is disrespectful or in anyway making the model feel uncomfortable, they may block viewer. HOWEVER model must screenshot viewer doing said issue and then block member. Model must send screenshots to Cgdollhouse@gmail.com for CGDH staff to review to decide if the member will be allowed back.
8.    No minors are allowed on this account AT ALL
9.    Models may Not have any other person not approved by CGDH on the Snap Story Ever

10.  While you may promote your own Snapchat, you may NOT promote any other takeover account.


11. Do Not Ever post to "OUR Story" which is a public story for anyone local to where you are at that moment you log in. We do not want people viewing CGDH from that story. It puts us at risk of being taken down.


12. If you are unable to sign in by 11 am est you MUST tell admin ASAP. If you are a night owl that is fine, however I will need someone to fill the am spot so you must tell admin asap or you will be bumped and another model will take your spot for the day due to lack of communication


13. Camgirldollhouse will never reject a model from appearing on take over except for the following reasons, not over 18, pregnant and showing, models who are disrespectful on social media platforms towards fans, models who put other models at risk.

14. Any rules broken during takeover will end with model being manually signed out and removed from CGDH activities.

15. NO Promoting in person ads for strip clubs, escorts, in person dates.

16. Do not disclose your personal information with any viewers (be safe)

17. No Snaps of using restroom!

18. No one may appear on the take over with you unless approved by CGDH.

19. No promoting other takeover accounts unless approved by CGDH

20. NO removing any viewers with out screenshot of offensive behavior during your take over.

21. Make sure you add your twitter account when you book or contact CGDH with your twitter account.


Fun Ideas for your take over.
1.    Promote own snapchat account
2.    Promote own videos
3.    Promote twitter and other social media accounts
Remember with games to do a high and a low price, two options for viewers of different disposable fund levels. (Prices below are suggestions)
1.    Dice Game $5
•    Make a Store item in your MV Store, post 6 prizes one for each # on Dice
•    Send Snap viewers there to purchase
•    Roll dice on basic and premium stories (show viewers others are getting prizes #motivation)
You can of course do this with a poster and a direct payment
2.    Balloon Game $10
•    Fill balloons with prizes
3.    Prize wheel $5-20
•    Use virtual or physical prize wheel
4.    Video bundles
5.    Personal premium snap chat deals
(if you have any cool ideas other dolls may like, please message me so I may add to this email)

What’s next?
You will be sent two promo images. First promo image will have your photo and the CGDH Snap code. The second promo image is a poster explaining how viewers may join the premium account so they do not miss any of the fun.
The Day before your takeover, you will receive a reminder email/DM. You will also receive an email/dm by 10:30 am est with your personal log in information.
You will have until 9am est the following morning to take over.
If you have any questions feel free to message @CGdollhouse via Twitter or Email CGDollhouse@gmail.com