Jun 11, 2018



For personal use I am all about the Hitachi but when it comes to live shows I for sure love the squirting toys. I feel like they are just better for a live show. Bad Dragon makes some amazing toys and 99% of them have squirting toy feature you can add to them. My favorite is their Archer Dildo toy it has girth and of course has the squirting feature! Loveee it




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  • This Bad Dragon toy is one of my personal favorites to get my pussy super duper wet and into prime squirt mode! I feature this toy in a few of my clips filmed at the CGDH, and NOX was able to get me to squirt every single time! I squirted across tables, couches, and all over myself! While I do love a good vibrator and clit stimulator, there is nothing like a toy that can get deep inside of my pussy and hit my g-spot. Mmm, gimme that NOX dick, baby!