Content Events

CamGirlDollhouse is probably most known for its epic content events. During these events 8-12 models come together for a week long adventure filled with professional photo shoots, shooting xxx content, nights out on the town and so much more. These events are created to get as much quality content created for models and there for is run on a very tight schedule. If you are ready to work hard and produce epic content this is the CGDH activity for you!

Doll Club Events

Doll Club events are alot more laid back than content events. While models may record and create content the event itself is to provide models with a safe luxury location to stay at while attending  adult expos and conventions. If you just wanna have a little fun, meet tons of amazing models and network at the adult industry events this is the right CGDH Activity for you!

Spotlight Events

Spotlight events are unlike any CGDH event because these events are 100% free for models to attend. Models will be spoiled with 3 days in a luxury estate  where they will participate in professional photoshoots and content creation.  Models attending will be contracted to create exclusive content for CGDH and then be able to use our facilities and staff to create tons more content for there own sales. Each Spotlight event only consists of three spots! If the big crowd of models and a full week is to much excitement for you this is the CGDH activity for you!


Video Bundles


Fans love a variety and so does camgirldollhouse, that is why we have created an outlet for models to come together and create epic video bundles that will blow their fans minds! Each participating model submits on themed video to the bundle then each model can sell the bundle to there fans! This is a great way to promote yourself and fellow models.

Become CGDH Staff

CamGirlDollhouse was created by a adult webcam models and clip maker who wants her company run 100% by cam models and that is 100% for cam models. That means every person on CGDH staff is or once was an adult performer.

Meet The Team


Awards winning webcam model and Founder and CEO of CamGirlDollhouse. Blogger, Photographer, Producer and Event Planner


Live WebCam Model, CamGirlDollhouse Royalty and  Vice President.


Award Winning Cam Model and CGDH Spotlight Event Host and  Content Event Photographer.