Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Cam Girl Dollhouse Auction where you can win epic items customized to the winner’s preference. 

This is an internet-only auction.  All items that meet reserve are sold to the highest bidder.

The reserve is the minimum a lot may be sold for.

Each lot has a Minimum Bid.

When bidding, you will be able to view the current high bid for each lot




Each person bidding will be required to purchase a Paddle number to enter the auction and be able to place bids. Paddles can be purchased at for $3.99

When you purchase a paddle, u will need to remember the paddle number this will help you track your placement in the auction live on

When you purchase a paddle, u will also receive a FREE video from CGDH MV Store



The initial bidding period for all lots will begin on Fridays 9:00 AM EST.

The Initial Bidding Period will end for all lots Mondays 9:00 AM EST.

You must place a bid on a lot prior to the end of the Initial Bidding Period

There are no exceptions to this rule. If only one bid at or above the Minimum Bid has been made on a lot when the Initial Bidding Period ends, that bidder will be declared the winner** of the lot after the Initial Bidding Period.


**Exception: if the lot has a reserve that is unmet during Initial Bidding Period the lot will remain unsold and put back on the auction board for the following weekend.

If you already have a paddle for the reauction you may keep your paddle number.


However, if lot is sold the paddle numbers will no longer be active for following auctions, and to enter another auction you will need to purchase a New Paddle number.

By placing a bid with CGDH Auctions you are entering contract of trust. If you win a lot you have 24hrs to for fill payment.


If you cannot do so the lot will go to the second highest bidder.

Once auction has closed second highest bidder will be able to Match the High Bid and Also win the lot Item custom content as well


(Meaning If the Highest bidder wins at $150 and second high bid $75 the second-high bidder would need to pay $150 to also receive the lot)


Once you have won a lot you have 24hrs to send payment.

You may send payment through many platforms winner and CGDH will discuss via email

If you have any more questions about CGDH Auctions Please feel free to email at




Direct Message @CGDollhouse on twitter


Happy bidding